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FameShotMe –Videography - FameShotMe -


We shoot professional videography of full length and highlight style for weddings, quinceaneras, birthdays, anniversaries, corporate events and commercials. We shoot 1080P professional video with the editing to match. Whether you need something simple, or something elaborate, we can help! We have a team of highly trained videographers and editors at your disposal. Give us a shot to quote the video for your next event!

We utilize the latest video equipment, software and methods to combine everything into a high quality production. We can shoot multiple angles and sync high definition audio to the video as well. We also do 3D design elements and graphics for business customers. We can produce entire commercials to help your business advertise!

Daoud (pronounced Da-oood) is the head videographer for FameShotMe. He can help you from idea to execution and shoots everything with a very artistic and cinematic quality.


email: daoud@fameshotme.com

call or text: 909.648.8557


Julianna’s 2nd Birthday! Videography of a decadent Birthday in the Inland Empire, CA. It was a day full of family and love as Julianna’s parents put on a show! Decorations and Desserts were everywhere the eye can see. Laughs and cries and smiles alike were captured for this adorable family. What beautiful memories they will make!

This is the video of the gorgeous wedding of Monica & Aaron on a Yacht in Orange County California. The day began as we sailed off on the yacht, The Destiny. The ocean was blue and the sky was bright. Family gathered as the two were ready to wed. Flowers surrounded the vessel. And we drifted away. Music and love filled the room. We documented it all! It was a blessed day!

Video from the beautiful wedding of David & Kelly in Orange County, CA. The day started off sunny and bright. The couple readied themselves, the family arrived and the sun began to fall. They met at a gorgeous alter in a grassy field. Their deep loved showed in their expressions. The clergyman read and spoke kind and wise words for the couple. And they wed. They marched down the aisle hand in hand to a waiting reception of their closest family and friends. It was a night to remember!

Video from the beautiful wedding of David & Monique in Fontana, CA. This was a fun day of family and laughs. The ceremony began in Redlands, CA. The guests chatted as they waited for the limousine to arrive. It was a beautiful ceremony. Deep heart felt vows of love echoed the room. Smiles stretched wide as they couple walked down the aisle. They hugged and congratulated and thus began the celebration! The home was filled with loved ones. They drank and danced into the sunset!

Video from the Quinceanera of Celeste in Riverside, CA. Her court was dressed to impress. Her mother was nervous and happy at the same time. She was excited for this momentous occasion. The church services began. The preist read and spoke words of wisdom. The flowers shined bright and the church filled with echos. Celeste was now a woman. Family gathered and sang praises. Photos commenced and friends enjoyed the moment. They laughed and smiled all the way to the reception. The room filled with the sunset and coordinated dances. They went to great length for this special day!

Video of Julianna’s 1st Birthday Party in Fontana, CA. The children played and friends reminisced as the festivities began. Gifts filled the tables. The candy buffet drew crowds. Enter Micky and Minnie Mouse. Children’s smiles lit the yard. The family embraced. It was the first anniversary of birth of the adorable Julianna. Pinatas rained down candy and sweets. Chocolates and candies for all!

Video of the Henna of Jehad & Deanna in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. Families reunited to celebrate the Henna Celebration of Jehad & Deanna. This tradition in the Palestinian community dates back to the lands of Jerusalem thousands of years ago. It is the Palestinian version of an American Engagement Party. Music filled the room and the family clapped in unison. They danced and sang for the new couple. It was a special day full of cultural traditions and celebration!

Video of Jessica’s 80’s Style 30th Birthday Party. The Birthday girl was late. Her friends were all there. They dressed up and looked the part! It was an 80’s Bash! Guests made friends and the drinking began! The DJ spun and the crowds danced. It was a joyous celebration!

Video of the 2012 St. Patty’s Day Celebration at Killarney’s Riverside. The kilt’s turned heads. The girls did too. It was a good old fashioned Irish drinking party! Bands played and music filled the parking lot as thousands danced the night away. Events and performers took stage. Everyone in sight with a beer in hand from the good ol’ Killarney’s bar staff. The night ended fast as they do when you have fun!

Commerical for Killarney’s Riverside. The girls bring the boys and the beer brings them all. It’s Killarney’s Riverside! The DJ’s filled the room with electronic sounds as the crowd enjoyed their favorite brew from the wooden bar top. And they drank!

Commercial for Club CraVe in Redlands, CA. The line traveled as far as the eye could see. The women wore their favorite outfits and the gentleman obliged. They came to have fun and dance! Hundreds poured in and ounces poured out. The DJ entranced the crowd with his seamless sounds. It was not just a club, it was an experience. The laser lights filled the air. The speakers shook. The dancers performed to a sold out house!

email: daoud@fameshotme.com

call or text: 909.648.8557